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Lisa Wysocky with Haflinger horse


The Mane Equation, a Cat Enright mystey book by Lisa Wysocky

Lisa Wysocky

The Mane Equation, a Cat Enright mystey book by Lisa Wysocky


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The Mane Equation has been named 2017's Best Equine-related Fiction Book by the American Horse Media awards!



When writing fiction, make a timeline for your characters.Few things take a reader out of a story more quickly than to have a character wake up, for example, on Wednesday morning, and later in the day it is Tuesday. (Unless you have a time travel story line!) The timeline can also help you keep track of all of your characters so you know where each of them are on any given day and time.

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                                                                    Q: Help! I have trouble sitting the trot. Any ideas?

                                                                    A: Yes! Ground driving.  We know horses learn by having time

                                                            to process, and it turns out people need that time, too. When 

                                                            you ground drive, you walk behind the horse with your legs moving in rhythm with the horse's back legs. There is something about that process that helps riders understand how the back end of the horse moves. Over time, when they get back on , their balance and sit-trot has improved. When ground driving, safety first. Only drive in an enclosed area with no other animals and never wrap the lines around your hand.