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The Mane Equation, a Cat Enright mystey book by Lisa Wysocky
The Mane Equation, a Cat Enright mystey book by Lisa Wysocky


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                                                                    Q: My horse is pushy when leading. Can you help??

                                                                    A: Yes! You have to make your horse understand that you are the boss. Your horse actually wants you to be in charge. S/he does not want that job. But his or her safety depends on you taking charge in a quiet, compassionate manner. To do this, every time your horse gets pushy when you are leading, turn your horse in a small circle to the right. This pushes your horse out of his or her space, just as a lead mare would do, and helps establish you as the leader. Never get angry or upset. Keep a deep inner calm and whenever your horse is too forward, turn the circle. You may have to do this once or a thousand times. One day or every day. But it will help. 


When writing fiction, make a timeline for your characters.Few things take a reader out of a story more quickly than to have a character wake up, for example, on Wednesday morning, and later in the day it is Tuesday. (Unless you have a time travel story line!) The timeline can also help you keep track of all of your characters so you know where each of them are on any given day and time.


This may be the first time a fictional character has co-authored a non-fiction book about horses. But, the result leads the reader into the mind of the horse, and into better understanding of horses and of themselves. The discussions on horse behavior, training, riding and more are laid out simply and effectively, and incorporate essential learning for anyone who loves horses.

From information on how horses think and see the world, to tips on establishing leadership with your horse, how horses move, and top riding tips, the information presented can be utilized by beginner to experienced lovers of horses. Co-authored by the fictional character Cat Enright with her creator Lisa Wysocky, Lead Ropes Don't Lead Horses is filled with sound information that will make every reader a better horseman or horsewoman.