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Published December 2018: The conformation, or build of your horse, can predict whether or not he or she can be successful in a particular horse sport, or whether or not he or she will eventually have lameness issues. Essential Horse Conformation walks you through the process of choosing the best horses for your needs, and sets you and the horse up for a high ratio of success. This nose-to-tail conformation assessment includes 44 illustrative photos, and is written so every horse lover can understand how the individual parts of a horse form a whole. A must read for everyone who is thinking of purchasing a horse, or who is re-evaluating existing horses in their herds. BUY HERE.


The fourth title in the Cat Enright cozy mystery series, The Mane Equation, has been named Best Equine-related Fiction Book of 2017 by the American Horse Media awards! This is the eighth award for the series. Other awards include those given by The Mom's Choice Awards, the Independent Book Publisher's Benjamin Franklin Awards, the National Indie Excellence Awards, and previous American Horse Media awards. The series has also been optioned for film and television.

In this fourth book in the series, Appaloosa show horse trainer Cat Enright finds herself at Canterbury Park in Minnesota after her estranged father, a groom at the track, insists someone is trying to kill him. Cat is happy to temporarily leave her newly-complicated life to see what is going on. After one jockey goes missing and another is murdered, Cat finds herself calling on friends back home in Tennessee to keep her dad and herself safe. One by one, Jon, Darcy, Bubba, Agnes, and even the (possibly) psychic horse Sally Blue, help Cat discover the truth. BUY HERE.

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