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Essential Horse Conformation book by Lisa Wysocky
The Mane Equation, a Cat Enright mystery book by Lisa Wysocky

Lisa Wysocky

NEWS UPDATE: March 2022

UPDATE: The Mysterious Horse House is the winner of the 2022

American Horse Publications Best Horse-related Book!

Spring is trying to arrive here in Tennessee, but we are still going from 65 to 20, and from rain to snow. I have been so pleased by the early reviews of The Mysterious Horse House! It is a book unlike anything I have ever written. When it published, I hoped others would like the characters and the story as much as I did, and it seems they do! While written for older children, some of the book's biggest fans are adults. Please give it a

read and write a reader review on Amazon. Much appreciated!

It has been a lot of fun getting the Colby's Army therapy horses ready for

the 2022 riding session. We are working on conditioning after a long

winter layoff, and introducing some new toys, games, and trail obstacles.

And look for a new Cat Enright mystery later in the year. All I can say at this

point is that Bubba is asking questions about his mom.

Happy Spring Everyone!


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